The Original Jack-O-Lantern Stroll

Halloween is without a doubt one of the biggest holidays of the year. Not only does it involve costumes, candy, and tasty treats like pumpkin pie, but for many, Halloween is what really makes it feel like fall. There are so many things to do in Louisville around Halloween season for both kids and adults. For example, there are plenty of places where your children can dress up as their favorite superhero or princess; on the other hand, a good number of adults love getting scared, whether it be at the infamous Baxter Avenue Morgue or Field of Screams in Brandenburg. One of the most popular annual Halloween events is The Original Jack-O-Lantern Stroll at the Louisville Slugger Field.

Since there are so many Halloween events to choose from--and since you can't go to them all--people like to read up and select the Halloween event that will be best for them and, if applicable, their kids. Chances are, both kids and adults will enjoy the Jack-O-Lantern Stroll. What can you expect to see there? Well, it's called the Jack-O-Lantern Stroll for a reason...there will be over 2,500 glowing jack-o-lanterns for everyone to see! The jack-o-lanterns will be arranged in a path at Slugger Field, and the glowing pumpkins should look absolutely beautiful by the time night falls. As you and your kids marvel at the field, there are other things to do as well, like trick-or-treat, make some arts and crafts, and have a slice of Louisville's largest pumpkin pie.

Here's another great bonus about the Original Jack-O-Lantern Stroll--all proceeds will go toward Dreams with wings, an organization that works toward improving the lives of Louisville's disabled community. Whether it be helping disabled adults find housing or educating parents on how better to deal with their children's disabilities, Dreams with Wings is certainly a worthy organization, and the fact that you can help them out while having a great time makes the Jack-O-Lantern Stroll one of the most popular Halloween events in Louisville.

Entry to the Original Jack-O-Lantern Stroll is free. The event will begin at 6:30 PM on October the 25th--all you have to do is show up to Slugger Field, located at 402 East Main Street. For more information on the Original Jack-O-Lantern Stroll as well as the Dreams with Wings organization, just click on the following link:

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