The Silver Dollar on Frankfurt Ave

There are many cool eateries on Frankfort Avenue near the Clifton area, but none are quite like The Silver Dollar.

First of all, let's talk about the atmosphere. When walking into The Silver Dollar, one word comes to mind: honkey-tonk. Although the restaurant has the feel of other local eateries in the fact that its staff and most of the diners hail from the cool, "keep Louisville weird" areas of the city (the Highlands, Crescent Hill, and Clifton), you can tell that honkey-tonk was a huge influence on the decor, music, and food. After you're seated at one of their big, wooden booths, you'll hear the old-school honkey-tonk tunes playing from the speakers. The bar is a central fixture in the huge space of the restaurant, and it's like that for a reason: among all things, The Silver Dollar's greatest specialty is whiskey.

Just a glance at The Silver Dollar's drink menu will tell you that The Silver Dollar is passionate about good whiskey and bourbon. Any whiskey aficionado would be hard-pressed to find any brand of whiskey or bourbon not listed on the Silver Dollar's menu. It's no wonder that, this year, GQ Magazine named The Silver Dollar one of the ten best whiskey bars in America. From staples like Maker's Mark and Wild Turkey to the more upscale options like Woodford Reserve, Noah's Mill, and the elusive Pappy Van Winkle, The Silver Dollar has it all. With a large space in the restaurant cleared out for dancing, if anyone in the Louisville area is looking to enjoy a glass of bourbon and dance to some honkey-tonk music, there's no place like the Silver Dollar.

All this focus on whiskey and bourbon isn't meant to diminish The Silver Dollar's food menu. Along with great drinks, The Silver Dollar serves great food. One of their specialties is a hearty Texas chili, filled with huge chunks of slow-roasted beef. Another claim-to-fame is their open-faced burger called The Slopper, topped with spicy pepper-jack cheese and green chiles. You can expect to find classic sides items like fried okra, fried oysters, and onion rings there as well, because as we all know, nothing goes better with a glass of whiskey than something fried!

The Silver Dollar is located at 1761 Frankfort Avenue. They are open for dinner seven days a week and, on Saturday and Sunday, they are open for brunch. For more information, check out their website:

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