The Speed Art Museum

The people of Louisville appreciate art. A lot of the 'keep Louisville weird' slogan that's become popular throughout the years has to do with our love of art and all things original. In the Highlands and Downtown, there are several beautiful murals depicting the city. So many of the small shops and boutiques in the Highlands and the NuLu district of Louisville feature original art such as paintings, jewelry, and clothing from local artists. All in all, when it comes to Louisville, we're a pretty creative bunch. It only makes sense that Louisville is home to the historic Speed Art Museum.

The premiere art museum in Kentucky, the Speed Art Museum opened in 1927. Since then, it's been a draw to both tourists and locals alike. Many of us who grew up here can remember a field trip or two to the Speed. A good number of art museums only focus on one style of painting such as surrealism or only one period like the Renaissance, but the Speed Art Museum has always had a good number of artwork from across the board. In one hall of the Speed Art Museum, you could've seen modern paintings, and one floor above that you could've seen a classical painting by Rembrandt. No wonder it was such a popular field trip spot--visitors received a wonderful overview of art from around the world.

You might've wondered why I've been using the past tense when describing the Speed Art Museum. Don't worry, the museum isn't a thing of the past. Until 2015, though, the Speed, located near the University of Louisville campus, will be closed for major renovations. While you're waiting for that time to come, the Speed has opened up Local Speed on East Market Street. At the moment, you can go check out Local Speed's exhibit "Art from NuLu", which features original pieces of artwork from people in NuLu. Since it's temporary opening in June, Local Speed has also been hosting a variety of free family art classes. For example, on September 7th, anyone who wants to come can take part in Local Speed's free drawing class from 11 AM to 2:30. While it's a bummer that the Speed Art Museum's official location won't be finished until 2015, it's great that the Local Speed will be around to keep the arts alive in Louisville.

For more information on the renovated Speed Museum as well as upcoming events at Local Speed, just visit the following link:

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