The Urban Stampede

In the summertime, there are plenty of fun events going on the city of Louisville. Of course, there are things you'd expect like outdoor concerts and runs through the city, but some events are a little more out out-of-the-box. One of these more creative events is The Urban Stampede, which will be taking place on August 24th.

The Urban Stampede is, in its simplest form, a race, but there's definitely more going on. The best way to describe the Urban Stampede is to compare it to the popular reality show The Amazing Race. If you're not familiar with the Amazing Race, it's a show where multiple teams of two travel throughout a city and incur several mental and physical obstacle courses. The goal of the Amazing Race is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. This is what The Urban Stampede was fashioned after. Teams of two will be beginning at The Belvedere in Downtown Louisville--after that, the course planned for the event is unknown. Teams will receive instructions on where to go, and at these places obstacles will be set up. Teams must complete this obstacles to move on (or, if you can't master a certain obstacle, you have the choice of simply incurring a penalty).

While it may be fun to try and be a first-place finisher at The Urban Stampede, players definitely have the option of taking their time. No one at The Urban stampede is a loser. If teams would rather walk through the race and focus more on seeing the city, that's fine too. The total distance of The Urban Stampede is ten miles, but only half of that is on foot. Racers will also be using other methods of transportation to get from one obstacle to the next.

If you are interested in participating in The Urban Stampede with a friend, simply register at the following link: One of the cooler things about The Urban Stampede is the number of reality stars it attracts. In fact, several racers from past seasons of The Amazing Race will be attendance. Some of these past racers will even be available to race with on the day of The Urban Stampede! If you're a special fan of a certain Amazing Race star, check The Urban Stampede's website for more information on how to race with them on your team:

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