Top 5 Best Tasting Burgers in Louisville

Did you know that the hamburger was first created in America? The ground meat patty between two slices of bread was first made by Danish immigrant Louis Lassen in 1900. Maybe that’s why the burger has always been one of the foods attached to the American culture. Wherever you go in the US, you’ll never fail to see a burger joint, and Louisville has their share of some great places with the best burgers around the city.

First one on the list is the Bluegrass Brewing Company. From the name itself, no doubt that they sell the best beers in town, but we are not here for the beer, we’re here for the burgers. The people’s choice is their Bison burger and Steak burger. If you’re a vegetarian, you may want to try their Spinach burger and Vegetarian wings. It is located at downtown at 3rd and Main at 300 W. Main St. They’re open from 11:00am -12:00am.

Now let us delete the word brewing and change it to burgers. Yes, the second on the list is Bluegrass Burgers. They’re most famous for their Angus, Bison, Portobello, Veggie and Pork Burgers. They also offer grilled cheese and hot dogs for the kids. They’re open from 11:00am-9:00am and located at 3334 Frankfort Ave.

A burger is not a burger without a bun. So here we have Bunz, located at 969 ½ Baxter. This burger joint is generous with the proportions, so if you are planning to eat here, make sure you are really hungry so you won’t have to worry about having left overs. They offer a variety of delicious burgers at a moderate price.

Jack Fry’s is the fourth on the list. Famous for their romantic atmosphere, you will also feel as if you’re in a 1930’s movie set. Jack Fry’s burger comes with caramelized onions and you can choose between cheddar and Swiss cheese plus of course the bacon! They are located at 1007 Bardstown Rd, in the Highlands section of Louisville.

If you want to look for something different in a burger, try out the Mussel and Burger Bar at 9200 Taylorsville Rd, open from 11:00am to 9:30 pm. The best recommended burger to try by previous dining guests is the Bacon Breakfast Burger or the Good Ole burger. Of course aside from the burgers, you have to make sure to try out their Curry cream mussels.

As an honorable mention, let me include Ollie’s Trolley where you can find cheap, tasty burgers and awesome big serving of fries with interesting seasonings. Their customers’ common question is: “What’s in the sauce?” because it is really juicy and good. They are located at 978 S 3rd St.

There you have it, grab your wallets and treat your taste buds to one of Louisville’s best burgers!

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