University of Louisville Basketball Season

Anyone who has lived in Louisville for any amount of time knows that basketball is a big deal. We may not have a professional team playing in the NBA, but who cares? We're a college town, and the University of Louisville's basketball and football teams have huge and passionate followings. On game days, the city comes to a screeching halt, and everybody turns their full attention to whatever game is being played. All over town, you can find people tailgating, watching the game in their living rooms with family and friends, or even attending the actual game. When it comes to basketball, the University of Louisville Cardinals often play at the Yum! Center in Downtown Louisville. It's their home court.

If you've been to the Yum! Center, you know what a huge and impressive venue it is. Construction on the Yum! Center only finished up a few years ago, and since then it's been one of the crowned jewels of Downtown Louisville. Its existence is finally drawing some big, big names to come and perform, such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Keith Urban. The impressive Yum! Center is a perfect venue for the Louisville Cardinals basketball team because with so many fans, there needs to be a huge arena to fill up--and you know when the Cardinals play, the arena fills up.

The fact that the Louisville Cardinals male basketball team currently holds the title of NCAA National Champions only makes them an ever bigger deal. We beat out every college team in the country for that title, so it would be fair to say that we're currently the best team out there. To see if the Cardinals defend that title, you'll probably want to see some basketball games. Since the Yum! Center is their home court, all these games aren't too far from you! If you're interested in seeing the Louisville Cardinals male basketball team play, just visit the following link for a list of their schedule: As I said, most of these games are going to be packed, so if you want a good seat, I'd recommend getting a ticket as soon as you decide.

Basketball season is definitely a big event in the city of Louisville. Let's see if the Louisville Cardinals defend their title and become the NCAA National Champions for the second year in a row!

The Yum! Center can be found at 1 Arena Plaza in Downtown Louisville.

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