Victorian Christmas Tea at Whitehall Mansion

Every city has a great deal of history attached to it. One only has to look around the city of Louisville to see so many things of historic value. The Belle of Louisville, for instance, holds the reputation of being the oldest operating steamboat in the United States. Churchill Downs, opened in 1875, is known globally as the home of the infamous Kentucky Derby. Also historically-significant to Louisville are the number of historic homes one can find located throughout the city. These estates, like the Farnsley Moremen Landing in Southwest Louisville or the Peterson-Dumesnil House in Crescent Hill, preserve a time in history that is long gone. The upkeep and unchanged-features of these homes provide an educational experince to all the people that have visited and will continue to visit them in the coming years.

One of Louisville's most beautiful historic homes in Whitehall, which can be found on Lexington Road. The mansion, built in 1855, was originally designed as a two-story house in the Italianate style, but once ownership passed to another family in the 1900s, it was renovated in the Greek-revival style that it still maintains today. A lot of space was also added to it, thus promoting it from a house to a mansion. Whitehall is certainly a gorgeous space on both the inside and out. One only has to tour the rooms to see what intricate care went into their design, and how walking throughout Whitehall mansion really makes one feel as though they've been transported back through time.

Whitehall puts on many events throughout the year. The next one coming up is their Victorian Christmas Tea event. Harkening back to days when tea parties were a very common thing, Whitehall will be putting on its very own Tea Party on December 7th. Not only will attendees get to tour the beautiful Whitehall mansion, but they will also be able to enjoy tea and plenty of sweet treats. If you're interested in checking out this valuable historic space while sipping on a warm cup of tea, just click the following link to register for a ticket: The cost per person is thirty-five dollars.

Whitehall mansion can be found at 3110 Lexington Road. Whitehall will open its doors to guest at 2:45 PM on the 7th. Tea will be served at 3 o' clock.

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