WDRB's Thunder Into Louisville Patriot Ride

Louisville is a good city to live in if you're a motorcycle rider. First of all, the weather throughout most of the year is great for it. Except for those few months in winter when the weather is frigid and icy, spring, summer, and fall sees countless motorcyclists out and about in Louisville. It's also worth considering how many sights there are to see in Louisville. Instead of zooming by miles and miles of corn fields or cow pastures, motorcyclists can appreciate all the great features Louisville has to offer--this includes Downtown Louisville, the Waterfront, and the Highlands, for example. Basically, if you love riding your motorcycle, Louisville is definitely a great city to do it in.

If you are one of Louisville's many motorcycle-enthusiasts, there's an event with you in mind--WDRB's Thunder into Louisville Patriot Ride! On September 28th, motocyclists can help support the Boy Scouts of America by riding for the Boy Scouts; for twenty dollars, motorcylists can travel from the Harley Davidson dealership to the Derby Park Expo Five near Dixie Highway. Of course, all proceeds go straight to the Boy Scouts of America, so why not support a great cause while riding with a group of other motorcyclists through Louisville? That's not all, though. Once you've arrived at the Derby Park Expo, you don't just turn around and go home. Riders can purchase two hands of poker for thirty dollars--all of which, again, goes straight to the Boy Scouts. What sounds more fun than a day of riding and poker? There's some pretty big stakes if you have a good day playing, too. More specifically, if you win first place at poker, you'll be taking home 1000 dollars! Second and third place isn't too shabby either--second place gets you two-hundred and fifty while third gets you one-hundred. So, while the main point of the day is to support the Boy Scouts, winning some poker money while you're at it wouldn't be so bad, right?

The ride will begin at 11 AM at the Harley Davidson Dealership at 11701 Gateworth Way. The Derby Park Expo Five, where the ride will be concluding, is located at 2900 Seventh Street Road. For more information about the event including how to register as a rider or sponser, just visit the following link: http://www.lhcbsa.org/Donate/Special%20Events/Thunder%20Into%20Louisville%20Patriot%20Ride.

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