Women of Louisville, Craft Beer Host Wine Tasting at Butchertown Market

In Louisville there are many different forms of non-profit festivals and activities that are centered on activities such as: walking/triathlons, games and dancing and much more. One of the best and most successful events, as we’ve seen with the annual Brews at the Zoo, is food and beer samplings, which is what the Women of Louisville and Craft Beer will be hosting September 24th at the Butchertown Market. In addition to wine and food sampling, there will also be a silent auction, whose proceeds will go towards benefitting the National MS Society, as well as the Boys and Girls Club.

The National MS Society is an organization that is dedicated to helping individuals with MS (multiple sclerosis) receive treatment and care, lobbying for politicians to create legislation and laws for those living with MS, as well as assisting with research that could finally cure MS. The local, Kentuckiana chapter of The National MS Society does a lot of work in the community that provides individuals with MS a chance to live longer and be more productive despite the nature of their disease. Many of the programs are designed to make people with MS feel more independent and comfortable about living with limited assistance. Some of the recent seminars they have hosted are: a stem cell research seminar, a seminar regarding specialized housing for those with MS, a challenge walk whose benefits went to fund more projects for the local MS society, and many more events. One of the reasons that many members of the Louisville community support and donate to this organization, is because they believe in creating exciting, as well as informative events  that allow them to educate the masses on their organization, as well as provide their attendees with a good time.

 In addition to the Kentuckiana chapter of the National MS Society, The Boys and Girls club is a staple in the local Louisville community as well as other communities across the U.S. They serve as an organization for the development of boys and girls, and seeks to provide them with fun, yet educational programs that help foster a sense of competence, responsibility, and belonging in today’s youth.

If you follow these organizations, or would like to make contributions toward their purpose, attend this event September 24th at the Butchertown Market. There will be great food, and an extravagant wine tasting and much more fun activities for a great cause.

For Whom: Everyone (Women and Men 21 and Older)

Where: Butchertown Market

1201 Story Ave. Louisville, KY

When: September 24th 5:30-9:00pm 

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