Winter Break Day Camps at The Frazier History Museum

Children spend the majority of their time dreaming about winter break during the first half of the school year. With every essay they write or project they make, those two weeks of uninterrupted freedom seem all the more magical. No school, no homework, and lots of time to spend with friends and family. Not to mention (in most cases) a ton of sweets and presents. But when the holidays have come and gone, what happens to those last few days of vacation bliss? 

Thanks to the Frazier Museum, you won’t have to struggle to provide exciting activities for the kids as soon as we hit 2013. Beginning on January 2nd, the Frazier Museum will have 3 full days of entertaining programs for your little ones to enjoy! Children from kindergarten to 5th grade will be invited to attend this educational (yet fun!) experience, which will focus on the new year celebrations of other countries and cultures. Though some of these activities will be based off religious belief systems, the programs will be focusing on customs, and not necessarily religion. 

Kids (and adults, if they so choose) will be able to learn about the traditions of communities from all over the globe. Discover the sounds of celebration in music from places you’ve never seen, or maybe never even heard of. Try out the amazing foods of different societies and experience taste in new, scrumptious ways. In addition to lots of crafts and hands-on activities, there are also tons of special games to play. Some of the festivities are so unique to certain backgrounds and cultures that there’s no way to describe them - you’ll just have to let the kids experience it on their own, or even experience it for yourself. 

If you do want to join in on the fun, the Frazier Museum is offering a combo pack that will get you one day of camp, plus a family membership! It’s a special offer for non members only, so you might want to hurry and register for winter camp now at Here you’ll also find all the fees that apply for each day of camp, as well as the price difference between members and non members, and a printable registration form. Don’t delay, because this winter break extravaganza is going to fill up fast! 

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Where: The Frazier History Museum, 829 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 

When: January 2nd - 4th, 9am to 4pm (9am to 5:30pm for extended care option)

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