Your Moving To-Do List

The time has come!  You have an accepted contract on your home.  Whether you’re selling your current home or buying a new one, there are many tasks to juggle.  Moving can be a bit overwhelming, but when armed with the right checklist it can be less stressful.  The key to a successful moving transition is to be prepared.

One of the most important things you’ll want to address are the utilities at the property.  Traditionally, utilities are transferred out of the seller’s name and into the buyer’s name effective day of closing.  If your closing is scheduled last minute, it’s acceptable to schedule the transfer effective the next day.  You’ll need electric, gas and water if you’re a new buyer who is immediately moving into your new home.  These are essential to help you clean and get the home ready for unpacking.  Likewise, if you’re the seller you’ll want to schedule the transfer so that you’re not paying for utilities that the new owners are using.

The next area on your moving to-do list should be government entities.  As you’re settling into your new home, you’ll want to contact your previous post office to set up mail forwarding to your new address.  If you’re moving out of state or county, you may need to obtain a new license or vehicle tags.  Vets will want to contact the Veteran’s Administration with their new contact information.  Families with children will need to contact the local board of education to pre-register their students for class.  If you’re an avid reader, don’t forget to stop into your local library to set up a new account.  You may find reading a few pages at night to be relaxing after a long day unpacking.

When moving you’ll also want to notify your insurance companies.  Your home owners insurance should be established prior to closing, but you’ll need to update your contact information with your health insurance.  Don’t forget about accidental, automobile and life insurances.  If you previously had renters insurance, you’ll want to cancel that policy once all of your personal belongings are secure at your new home.

Business accounts must also be managed during your move.  Update records with your bank to avoid any confusion.  Don’t forget to contact your cell phone provider with your new address.  Any additional financial or credit card providers you’re associated with should receive your new contact information as well.  Make sure to include your favorite department stores that you do business with.  Lastly, contact your cable and internet providers to set-up new services or to return boxes.

Professional services shouldn’t be forgotten during a move.  You may be healthy on moving day, but you never know when a virus will attack.  Selecting a new doctor and having your records forwarded ahead of your first appointment will save you time and a headache down the road.  Consider forwarding records for your general physician, dentist, optometrist and pet’s veterinarian.  Advise your broker and lawyer of your move as well.

There are a variety of things that you may desire to connect to during your moving transition.  A health and fitness facility or country club may be waiting for you nearby.  You may want to contact a local house of worship.  It’s important to locate a new dry cleaner, hairstylist and drugstore as well.

As you’re unpacking and completing all of these important tasks during your move, focus on the great memories that you’ll be making in your new home.  The transition period can be busy, but by staying organized you will be settled-in in no time!

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